Hi, my name is Sara Killinen, a track and field athlete from Finland who left for the USA to chase her dreams. Welcome to find out more about me!

I grew up in countryside in Lapua, Finland, doing sports and arts.
During high school time it became clear to me that I want to pursue a career as professional athlete doing hammer throw in track and field. Even though my family and all friends live in Finland, bringing together sports and education isn't easy over there so I moved to the United States and started my career as a student-athlete in NCAA system. It's always been clear to me that I want my life to contain something else too than just sports and I acknowledge my career as an athlete will come to an end at some point. With this said, I highly value education and career and want to gain experience in professional world at the same time when being an athlete so the transition after my athletic career would be smooth into the business.

As a competitive athlete I hate losing so I'm thriving for success. As I have already left my own country to pursue my dream as an athlete, I'm not afraid of taking risks or doing hard work to get closer to my dreams in the professional field. Since I'm planning on becoming a professional track and field athlete post graduation, I'm seeking for a par-time job for that time.

I'm studying Public Relations in Virginia Tech with a minor in Organizational Leadership. As of now I see my post-athlete life containing work with sports organizations but I'm open to work in any other line of business as well. I'm actively developing my skills in professional life in PRISM, which is Virginia Tech's student-led marketing agency run by Pamplin, Virginia Tech's School of Business.

I'm always excited to get to know you and connect with you on LinkedIn!
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